Sag Harbor Fire Department Service Awards for 2020
By Chief Kevin O'Brien Jr.
June 20, 2021

The Sag Harbor Fire Department gathers once a year to honor those who have completed a milestone year of service for our community. We also honor one member from each company as a nominee for the department’s Fireman of the Year Award. This year we had many worthy nominees.

20 Years of Service

Howard Kleinsmith IV
Wayne Mortensen Jr
John Schroeder II
Robert Steffens

25 Years of Service

Kevin Miller
Richard Schiavoni
Gary Wilson Jr

30 Years of Service

William Bennett

35 Years of Service

Richard Henn
John Stafford 36+ Years of Service

40 Years of Service

Jay Babcock
Warren Bramoff
Joel Clint
Daniel Skinner
Harry Wils Jr

45 Years of Service

James Early
Russel Miller 46+

50+ Years of Service

Frederick C. Mitchell 58
Joseph W. Labrozzi 56
John R. Schroeder 52
Albert J. Labrozzi 51
Brian Gilbride 51
Stanley N. Martin 51
Emile Duchemin 50

2020 Firefighter of the Year Nominees

Gazelle Hose Company Joseph Labrozzi

Montauk Hose Company Michael J. Guyer

Otter Hose Company Bruce Stafford

Murray Hill Hose Company Austin J. McGuire

Phoenix Hook & Ladder Company Howard Kleinsmith III

2020 Firefighter of the Year

Phoenix Hook & Ladder Company Howard Kleinsmith III